Gilbert Transponder Key Programming

You won’t have to spend too much money having your transponder key programmed if you rely on the services of Express Locksmith Services. With the level of talent that we have at Express Locksmith Services, we can have a new key made in no time, right on the spot. You may think that the only way to have your key programmed is to take it into a dealership.

This is exactly what they would like for you to believe. However, this isn’t true. Many motorists are wise to the idea of allowing a locksmith to program their key because they realize it is simply a matter of them having the right equipment, which we do.

Save yourself a dollar or two or more by relying on the reputable services of Express Locksmith Services. We proudly stand by the work we do by giving you our service guarantee.

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Brands we use include:

  • ASSA
  • Kaba
  • Arrow
  • Falcon
  • Baldwin
  • And more…..